Min makt - Ny hbtq-bok på lättläst

Pride House Stream, Fri 31 Jul 6:30 PM–7:15 PM

Titta live Fri 31 Jul 6:30 PM–7:15 PM via Pride House Stream, Rum 1

Min makt - Ny hbtq-bok på lättläst

Welcome to a live reading!
The authors will read aloud their own texts from
the most powerful book of the year - "Min makt".

"Min makt" is about the right to be oneself,
about speaking up and fighting for freedom.

Six authors write in easy-to-read Swedish
about being both LGBTQ and disabled.
About living in a group home, accessing personal assistance,
and participating in a work activity center.
About being controlled by others in one's everyday life.
About coming out and standing up for yourself.
About taking control over one's life.

The book has been written within the project "Jag är berättaren".
The project is run by RFSL Stockholm
and has published three books in easy-to-read Swedish:
"Min verklighet", "Min stolthet" and "Min makt".

Date/time: Fri 31 Jul 6:30 PM–7:15 PM
Language: Swedish
Type/category: Performance/theater/music
Organizer: RFSL
Location: Pride House Stream (Rum 1)
Price: Gratis
Read more: rfslstockholm.se/jag-ar-berattaren