Att leva normöverskridande med transidentitet - en livsresa

Pride House, Fri 2 Aug 3:00 PM–3:45 PM

Att leva normöverskridande med transidentitet - en livsresa

Welcome to a lecture with Emilia Larsdotter.

A journey from a childhood with forbidden thoughts to a life far away from what was predicted. Emilia talks about living norm-transcendence with trans-identity. A journey of life beyond norms and social expectations. A life with severe throws, deep thoughts and difficult decisions with death and anxiety as companions.

The lecture is about Emilia's journey of life, about how she went from the forbidden dreams of a girl how wanted to live free and strong in an enchanted world, to how she hypermaskulinized because of stigmatization and the hard structural norms that exist in society and hid in an environment where no one questioning one's identity, no one asking any personal questions and where one disappears into a large organization. A journey from ballet schools to the military intelligence and security directorate, a journey far beyond what anyone could have predicted. A journey that saved a life.

Date/time: Fri 2 Aug 3:00 PM–3:45 PM
Language: Swedish
Type/category: Lecture/education/information
Organizer: Svenska Pride
Location: Pride House (C6)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98
Metro station/bus stop: Skanstull