Få syn på normerna — att skapa utmanande undervisning

Pride City, Fri 31 Jul 1:30 PM–2:00 PM

Få syn på normerna — att skapa utmanande undervisning

Lärarnas Riksförbund organizes a seminar on how anti-oppressive pedagogy characterizes teachers' professional lives and how to handle situations that can be perceived as difficult. You also get advice on how to take the first steps into making the classroom a more anti-oppressive environment.

Learning and developing your identity are processes that happen simultaneously. To increase their students’ understanding of the surrounding world and facilitate each student’s exploration and development of their individuality, teachers need to support critical thinking about difficult issues. To that end, teachers must be able to perceive, mitigate and prevent structures that can create limitations in the learning process, so that all students are allowed to safely engage in learning, critical analysis and open debate.

Teachers Annika Sjödahl, Mia Smith and Robin Smith discuss how different aspects of anti-oppressive pedagogy have influenced their teaching practices and speak about ways of approaching difficult situations and delicate topics. They also give advice on how to take the first steps towards making the classroom a safer and more inclusive space. In connection with the seminar you will also be able to ask questions to Annika, Mia and Robin.

The seminar is broadcast live on Lärarnas Riksförbund's Instagram account. Follow @lararnas on Instagram!

Date/time: Fri 31 Jul 1:30 PM–2:00 PM
Type/category: Workshop/seminar
Organizer: Lärarnas riksförbund
Location: Instagram
Price: Kostnadsfritt
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