Cybersecurity basics for activists

Pride House Stream, Sun 2 Aug 5:00 PM–5:45 PM

Titta live Sun 2 Aug 5:00 PM–5:45 PM via Pride House Stream, Rum 2

Cybersecurity basics for activists

A lecture on cybersecurity for LGBTQ activists.

There is a war going on in cyberspace with attackers who are difficult to predict and detect. Cyberattacks not only occur between states, but can also be directed at individuals or organizations that do not follow the state's agenda. In addition, cyber attacks can be carried out by someone with low knowledge, or bought on the darknet. At this seminar, you will get to know the risks that exist for you as an activist in different situations, as well as get tips on how to reduce the risks.

Welcome to a seminar on cybersecurity that is aimed at everyone.

Date/time: Sun 2 Aug 5:00 PM–5:45 PM
Language: English
Type/category: Lecture/education/information
Organizer: Khalid Rashid
Location: Pride House Stream (Rum 2)