The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pride City, Wed 2 Aug 9:00 PM–11:00 PM

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show finally returns to Stockholm Pride! Come with or without props and insults in a memorable night of audience participation.

The newly engaged couple Brad and Janet experience a flat tire on their trip to Dr. Scott. They seek assistance in a nearby castle, only to be pulled into a surreal convention by RiffRaff, Magenta, and Columbia. Tonight is a rather special night, when the decadent Dr. Frank-N-Furter brings their sexy creation Rocky to life. Brad and Janet are offered to stay for the night, but can they resist the sensual decadence and save their engagement?

We have five simple comfort rules to ensure a pleasant screening for everyone. It is basic reminders that are far easier to remember than the verses to Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul.

👄 Take care of each other and the cinema.
Ensure that your props do not damage anyone or anything. Do not throw props on the screen.

👄 Everyone is beautiful
Everyone that comes dressed (or undressed) deserves cheers and compliments.

👄 No photos without permission
Some gorgeous people wish to avoid the cameras, so always ask for permission in advance.

👄 Don’t dream it, be it
The more you participate (sing, dance, and insults), the more fun everyone will have!

👄 Clean where you sit
Please throw bags, bottles, slices of bread, and toilet paper before you leave.

Date/time: Wed 2 Aug 9:00 PM–11:00 PM
Location: Zita Folkets Bio
Birger Jarlsgatan 37
Metro station/bus stop: Hötorget (T), Östermalmstorg (T), Eriksbergsgatan (Buss 2)
Price: 160 SEK / 130 SEK / 100 SEK (Dogtag)
Language: English

Zita Folkets Bio: Biograf är tillgänglighetsanpassad. Fråga kassan om hjälp så assisterar de dig in till salongerna där det behövs assistans.

Type/category: Movie
Organizer: Zita Folkets Bio
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