How may I compensate you for your help? The borders between helping and sexual exploitation

Pride House, Thu 4 Aug 4:45 PM–5:30 PM

How may I compensate you for your help? The borders between helping and sexual exploitation
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Newly arrived LGBTQ refugees often have no resources nor networks to rely on. They turn to the LGBTQ community for help. Many are there to help but sometimes compensation is expected for aid given. During this seminar the border between helping and further exploitation is discussed.

LGBTQ refugees often lack nuclear family and social networks that can aid them socially, economically and emotionally making them vulnerable. Simultaneously, they are subject of homo- and transphobia at the asylum accommodations provided by the Swedish Migration Authority. These are often located to rural areas, quite isolated from the overall society and other LGBTQ individuals. Therefore, they seek help from individuals in the LGBTQ community – through organizations, dating applications and social media. Help with the most imminent needs – a roof over the head, food, clothes and hygiene products – or travels to/from the asylum camps or a mobile phone to communicate with the outside world on. Some who are offering help are there for their own gain and they seek compensation for their “services”. During this panel talk, Maria Källner, chairperson of Rainbow Refugees Sweden, and Thomas Wimark, associate Professor at Uppsala University, discuss the limits and the borders between helping and exploitation. Maria Källner has long experience from working with LGBTQ refugees and base her reflections on work in several different organizations. Thomas Wimark has conducted research on and with LGBTQ refugees for several years and has many recent publications on the subject.

Date/time: Thu 4 Aug 4:45 PM–5:30 PM
Location: Pride House (C18, Plan 2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm
Metro station/bus stop: T-Skanstull
Price: Pride House: Festivalbiljett 600kr, Dagbiljett House 100 kr Köp biljett
Language: Swedish
Type/category: Debate/panel discussion
Organizer: Rainbow Refugees Sweden
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