The Power of LGBT Culture!

Pride House, Thu 4 Aug 1:00 PM–1:45 PM

The Power of LGBT Culture!
Art from Estonia/ Award ceremony West Pride 2001; Foto Peter Fröberg

Why do some LGBT activists -- and even some culture workers -- limit their focus on the younger, mostly male, white and wealthier participants -- instead of using LGBT cultural events to spead the light and information on all elements of the LGBT community -- women, trans, elderly, handicapped, HIV positive, refugees, immigrants, ethnic minorities, etc.

Why have some enemies argued there is no such thing as gay culture? Why have LGBT activists long denounced culture at a hindrance, a "competitor" instead of an "ally" to the fight for LGBT rights?
Why do both hetero and LGBT activists know so little about the Nordic VIPS in the Nordic scene -- from artists, Nobel prize winners, authors, journalists, military heroes and heads of state...?
Why do the Prides in the Nordic zone have such little interest in Nordic rainbow co-operation which could enrichen all involved...?

Film: "When Harry Met Santa" -- Norwegian Postal Service (3 min.)
Art: Art from Estonia, art from Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Date/time: Thu 4 Aug 1:00 PM–1:45 PM
Location: Pride House (C9, Plan 2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm
Metro station/bus stop: T-Skanstull
Price: Pride House: Festivalbiljett 600kr, Dagbiljett House 100 kr Köp biljett
Language: English
Type/category: Lecture/education/information
Organizer: Tupilak

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