Kabaré Under Regnbågen

Pride Park, Fri 4 Aug 10:00 PM–11:00 PM

Kabaré Under Regnbågen

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Välkommen!
Fremde, Etranger, Stranger, Främling!

Welcome to an unforgettable evening filled with joy, music, and entertainment! We invite you all to an amazing cabaret in the stage Regnbågen!

In this enchanting cabaret experience, you'll enjoy a dazzling stage featuring talented artists, dancers, and musicians who will make you laugh, sing, and dance along. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of sparkling costumes, captivating acts, and an atmosphere that will delight all your senses.

Amongst other things we will have performances by the talented burlesque artists Lady Monstera, Loca Lamoress och Empress Emerald! Enjoy Kimberly's spicy floorwork! Be seduced by Robert's magical voice! Be hypnotized by Foxy Gabby's swinging hips!

Playing between Dreams & Reality, finding a way of expressing & diving into passion of self-love & love for others no matter identification.
A full on floorworl routine (in heels) with some spicyness from Kimberley!

Prepare to be wrapped around her finger. Lady Monstera brings the lady and the monster to MONSTERA- slinking around with elegance and sass she is low to the ground and will die without the sun- of course.

Take the hips from a belly dancer, mix with the breasts of a tasseltwirl champion, and add a splash of wild madness - Then you get Loca Lamoress! She knows what you want and gladly treats you to a whirlwind of glamour, humor, and fucking fantabulousness!

She is beauty, she is (somewhat) grace, she will punch you in the face! Foxy Gabby with entice you with a smile, swinging hips and attitude!

The self-proclaimed ruler of the universe, Empress Emerald, is the best of the best (according to herself), and with engaging energy, she appears wonderfully bare and enchantingly glamorous. By offering herself (plenty) to you, she wants to show that you, too, are a marvel deserving of admiration! Empress Emerald has shaken, twirled, and dazzled before cheering audiences on stages such as Swedish Burlesque Gala, Tip the Velvet, MELT, and Poppycocks Cabaret (which she also produces). She shows you that all it takes to (believe that one can) conquer the universe is a positive attitude, a loose grip on reality, and a whole lot of glitter!

Date/time: Fri 4 Aug 10:00 PM–11:00 PM
Location: Östermalms IP (Regnbågen)
Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Metro station/bus stop: T-Stadion
Price: Pride Park: Festivalbiljett 900 kr, Dagbiljett 450 kr Köp biljett
Type/category: Performance/theater/music
Organizer: Stockholm Pride