Alla är vi nakna - vernissage

Pride Park, Wed 2 Aug 5:00 PM–6:00 PM

Alla är vi nakna - vernissage
Alla är vi nakna

Welcome and mingle with the photographer behind the exhibition We are all naked.

As life goes on, we don't just put on clothes, but also roles. We allow ourselves to be identified by gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, religion, age, functional variation, profession, culture, family relationships, fetishes, etc. It can make it difficult for those we meet to see past their expectations.

If we instead want to meet undisguised in front of each other, we need to lift the stigmatizing curtain of clothing and release the person behind the scenes.

In Alla we are naked, we meet people both dressed in, as well as undressed from, their roles. What can the viewer learn about himself, and what can we learn from the person we meet, if nothing stands between us. Not even clothes. Even though we look different when we are naked, it is only then that we are exactly the same. We are all naked.

Date/time: Wed 2 Aug 5:00 PM–6:00 PM
Location: Östermalms IP (Fotograf Andreas Paulsson / Tallbergs förlag)
Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Metro station/bus stop: T-Stadion
Price: Pride Park: Festivalbiljett 900 kr, Dagbiljett 450 kr Köp biljett
Type/category: Exhibition/guided tour
Organizer: Fotograf Andreas Paulsson
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