Konstnär: Sofia Lindell Davidsson

Pride Park, Fri 4 Aug 2:00 PM–Sat 5 Aug 1:00 AM

Konstnär: Sofia Lindell Davidsson

Enjoy art in the art tent

My name is Sofia, but I prefer Ia. I have drawn and painted all my life and look forward to seeing what happens with my art in the future. I often try different inspirations and techniques, it is completely impossible for me to choose something to stick to. I prefer to create surreal, representational art more than completely abstract, but that also happens sometimes.

Growing up, I struggled with performance anxiety due to my early talent with a pencil and always felt the need to draw very precisely. But thankfully I was helped to let go of this during my teenage years and have since experimented and fluctuated between abstract techniques and more imaginative ones. It means that I may not have a particularly over-the-top style, but that's perfectly fine with me.

I may have a hard time posting my works on the internet, but on my website below you can at least find what I managed to share!


Date/time: Fri 4 Aug 2:00 PM–Sat 5 Aug 1:00 AM
Location: Östermalms IP (Konsttältet)
Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Metro station/bus stop: T-Stadion
Price: Pride Park: Festivalbiljett 900 kr, Dagbiljett 450 kr Köp biljett
Type/category: Exhibition/guided tour
Organizer: Stockholm Pride