Pride City, Wed 3 Jun 8:00 AM


Sew your dream parade outfit and take part in the Instagram challenge #RainbowSewing2020

Is sewing and crafting your thing? Then you should definitely participate in #RainbowSewing2020
This is an Instagram challenge were you can make an item inspired by the rainbowcommunity and spread love and support for the lgbtq+ community in the pride month of June 💖💙💜💛💚

You're free to use your imagination. Your make can be any color, color combination or just plain white if you'd like. You can also sew something for the home or a friend. Your make just has to someway be inspired by the rainbow community, the interpretation is up to you.

With this challenge you get the chance to celebrate pride from home, together!
Share your sewing plans and making process with #RainbowSewing2020 so we can cheer each other on during the whole moth of June!🌈

The challenge is sponsored with a prize from Minervacrafts.com that will be given to one of our participants🎁

For more infro about the challenge, klick the link.

Date/time: Wed 3 Jun 8:00 AM
Type/category: Other
Organizer: #RainbowSewing2020
Location: Instagram
Price: Gratis att delta
Read more: www.instagram.com/p/caz2g9nfxun