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  • Aktivistprylar med inriktning på funktionsrätt, HBTQ-rätt och equality!

Aktivistprylar med inriktning på funktionsrätt, HBTQ-rätt och equality!

In En kreativ butik you will find clothes, cloth bags and bamboo straws with prints designed by Frida Ingha.

These are goods for you who ...
... want to make a statement and show your definite views on human rights and solidarity to those around you. You also have demands on sustainability and responsibility when the products are produced. (Read more about that bit under "miljö och ansvar" in the menu. ")

You will also find ...
... my book Du är så svår, artprints, charms 🤟, first aid kits for wheelchair users and other stuff. The store are a part of the website EttGottLiv.com where you will also find my blog, expressions of my activism, art and SexSomFunkar where I review passionproduct and sex toys from an accessibility perspective.

Get 10% discount with "kämpaärguld"
And yeah, free shipping in my store!

New in the store are our doormats with print:
➡️ Lämna all funkofobi utanför
➡️ Shoes on shoe rack - shantay, you stay!
Shoes on doormat -sashay away!
➡️ Patriarkatet slutar här!

Other prints:
➡️ Sex is nice... but hey, have you ever tried to fuck the system?
➡️ Independent living as folk!
➡️ The system sucks, let´s get creative!
➡️ Att tala är silver, men att KÄMPA är guld!
➡️ Talk to the hand, with the hand, now we´re talking!
(Tactile sign language, get it?)
➡️ Crip, queer, feminist.
➡️ Crip as fuck!
➡️ If I have to feel thankful about an accessable bathroom, when am I ever gonne be equal in the community? /Judith Huemann

Organizer: Frida Ingha och STIL
Price: 10% rabatt
Validity: Sun 31 Jul 12:00 AM - Tue 9 Aug 12:00 AM
Location: Digitalt
Metro station/bus stop:
Read more: ettgottliv.com/butik