Jannike Sommar

Born and raised at the Stockholm’s archipelago, Jannike Sommar is a queer fashion designer that screams quietly through bold colors and naive-yet-purposeful designs. Jannike’s pronouns are she/they.

Their unique, almost humorist aesthetic was developed from their background as an introvert lesbian growing up between the city and the nature.

With the ambition to create their own queer universe in fashion, outside of the heteronormative approach, Jannike moved to Belgium at a young age and was one of the 6 master students who graduated from the royal academy of fine arts Antwerp, in 2016.

After presenting their master collection, Jannike kept pushing their instantly-recognizable style defined by the use of bright colors, prints, patchwork and signature ‘in your face’ figures.

Always standing for equality, Jannike has collaborated with several art performances, drag queens, musicians and in 2020 they moved to Paris to create their brand.

Challenged as a non-conform and introspective person in a world dominated by norms and extroverts, Jannike Sommar created a visual language that loudly expresses pride.

Read more: jannikesommar.com