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Thielska Galleriet

The Thiel Gallery, located on the Southern Djurgården Island, has been a public museum since 1924. It consists of a home and an art collection, which were created by the banker Ernest Thiel (1859-1924) in the early 20th century. The art-loving entrepreneur supported his circle of friends, painters and sculptors, who were members of the radical group Konstnärsförbundet ("The Artists' Union"). Artists like Carl Larsson, Nils Kreuger, Eugène Jansson, Richard Bergh and many more, were members of the union. For a few years Ernest Thiel was also the patron for the controversial Edvard Munch. In the early 1920s Thiel lost his fortune. However, it was considered important, that the art collection remained complete, and it was bought by the Swedish government. In 1926, Thiel's private home was opened to the public.

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