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Richard Bränström's main research interests are the study of social determinants of health. More specifically, he is studying how social, psychological and contextual factors influence the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals. In this research, he uses both social epidemiological, psychological, and socioecological models to understand the influence of stigma and discrimination on physical and mental health disparities based on sexual orientation.

Arjan van der Star is a public health scientist and epidemiologist interested in the mental health of sexual and gender minorities. Arjan van der Star’s research focuses on the question how stigma-related stressors may explain sexual orientation-based mental health disparities and how stigma may unfold itself at several (socio-ecological) levels surrounding sexual (and gender) minorities. More specifically, Arjan’s work focuses on how these stigma-related stressors may interact across these various levels of stigma toward sexual minorities. As an example, he examines how discriminatory policies and laws may further promote different enacted forms of stigma at the interpersonal level, such as victimization and harassment, to further drive forms of self-stigma at the individual level, like the internalization of negative societal attitudes.

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