TUPILAK -- Started over 30 years ago at a time when most established LGBT organizations focused only on law reform -- regarding rainbow culture and history as unnessary rivals to the political work.

Tupilak regards rainbow culture as essential and powerful weapons against homophobia, intolerance and invisibiity.
Tupilak has always included the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as part of the Nordic family -- deserving even more co-operation than other Nordic states because of the half-century of homophobic, Soviet occupation.
A "tupilak" is a Greenlandic, Inuit word. The Inuit do not settle conflicts with punches but go home and carve a little voodoo figure out of animal bone or tusk, sending it in the night to kill the enemy. We use "tupilak magic" not to kill people -- but to combate homophobia, intolerance and silence.

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