Resistance against the anti-gender movements in Eastern Europe

Pride House Stream, fre 31 jul 16:00–16:45

Titta live fre 31 jul 16:00–16:45 via Pride House Stream, Rum 1

Resistance against the anti-gender movements in Eastern Europe

The issue of the anti-gender movements and their opposition to progressive reforms and human rights of the marginalized communities has been receiving increasing public attention. However, while examples of Poland and Hungary are often made in the European context, the phenomenon stretches far outside the EU's borders and is affecting lives and work of the LGBT groups in countries like Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. So, what exactly are the anti-gender groups rallying around and how are the LGBT activists resisting the backlash in an already difficult political and socio-economic climate? Tune in to the seminar and hear from the human rights defenders working on the ground.

The panelists will present findings of a report dedicated to mapping of the anti-gender movements in Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia and will focus on concrete examples of how different ultra-conservative groups (ranging from religious to political and far-right) affect their lives and work and what resistance strategies the movements on the ground are able to apply in order to oppose this backlash.

Datum/tid: fre 31 jul 16:00–16:45
Språk: Engelska
Typ/kategori: Föreläsning/utbildning/information
Arrangör: RFSL
Plats: Pride House Stream (Rum 1)
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