LGBTQI rights in Europe - where are we heading?

Pride House, tis 2 aug 15:00–15:50

LGBTQI rights in Europe - where are we heading?
Centerpartiets HBTQ-nätverk

LGBTQI rights have always been part of the discussion on human right within the European Union. After decades of progress we now see some backlash. What is the situation now, and what can we do to find momentum again?

The European Union has at its core values to protect minorities and the dignity of all citizens of its member states. LGBTQI rights have always been part of the discussion and progress has been made in many respects. But, in recent years we have seen set-backs in several member states where the rights of LGBTQI citizens have been under pressure or even rolled back to positions that where unthinkable just ten years ago. The development in Hungary and Poland leading in example of the backlash that has been seen.

Now is the time to stand up for the liberal values that has built the EU and its members strong!

What are the latest developments for LGBTQI rights within the EU, and what are the trends? And what can we do to start a new chapter of enhanced equality for all regardless of sexual orientation and expression of gender?

Come and listen to a discussion on the frontier of LGBTQI rights i the EU, with:
- Abir A-Sahlani, Centerpartiet - Member of the European Parliament and its Intergroup on LGBT Rights
- Luis Cano - Program Director of Rainbow Platform and a political consultant for Momentum, Hungary
- Claes Nyberg - President of the LGBTQI Network of Centerpartiet

Datum/tid: tis 2 aug 15:00–15:50
Plats: Pride House (C6, Plan 2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm
Station/hållplats: T-Skanstull
Pris: Pride House: Festivalbiljett 600kr, Dagbiljett House 100 kr Köp biljett
Språk: Engelska

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Typ/kategori: Debatt/panelsamtal
Arrangör: Centerpartiets HBTQ-nätverk
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