Queer Konst x StaDemonia / Drömsyskon Zine #4!

Pride City, tis 1 aug 11:00–18:00

Queer Konst x StaDemonia / Drömsyskon Zine #4!
Drömsyskon Zine #4

Varmt välkomna till nästa utställning i serien Queer Konst på StaDemonia: Drömsyskon #4! Kom och se utställning och köp ditt ex av Drömsyskon Zine!

drömsyskon zine #04
Theme: Queering love language
What are the love languages of trans folk? What kind of webs of care have we woven for ourselves and each other in both platonic and romantic relationships? With a system that fails us, how is it that we create and maintain love?
Acts of Love (language):
#1 words of affirmation
#2 Acts of care (service)
#3 Gifts
#4 Quality time/intimate connection
#5 physical touch
#42 ?
#158 ??
#899 ???
**Queering love language:**
#1 info dumping
#2 support swapping: drink water, do that thing you need to do etc
#3 I found this cool rock, button, leaf and I thought you would like it.
#4 parallel play: doing your own things but existing in the same space
#5 please cram my soul back into my body: Those kind of tight hugs that are comforting
#42 ?
#158 ??
#899 ???
12 dream siblings have tried to find new and old ways of showing love in this zine.
Dream siblings is a zine by and for trans people of all genders and non-genders, our own histories and experiences and a platform for collective self representation and creativity. We have the great honour to also have a small exhibition at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! Welcome to pre- Stockholm Pride and the launch of the zine July 28th!

Datum/tid: tis 1 aug 11:00–18:00
Plats: StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm
Slipgatan 9
Station/hållplats: Hornstull
Pris: gratis

StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm: Vi har tre trappsteg ner till lokalen med ramp tillgänglig och ett trappsteg upp till rymlig WC, även där finns ramp tillgänglig att lägga ut.
+Info [email protected] / 08-7556655

Typ/kategori: Utställning/visning
Arrangör: StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm
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