Filmvisning: "Mar (Sea)" och "Por detrás de portas (Behind Doors)"

Pride House, tis 30 jul 14:00–15:00

Filmvisning: "Mar (Sea)" och "Por detrás de portas (Behind Doors)"

Vi visar de två HBTQ-kortfilmerna "Mar (Sea)" och "Por detrás de portas (Behind Doors)" av den portugisisk-kanadensiska filmskaparen William Vitoria. Filmerna är undertextade på engelska.

ABOUT Mar (Sea)
When a couple decide to spend their summer vacation in a small town on the coast of Portugal, they had no idea that they would be faced with a dark mystery that would lead to seduction and betrayal.

Mar is dramatic love story and thriller set in the beautiful coastal town of Peniche Portugal. Xavier (Loureço Seruya) and Eduardo (João Santos Silva) visit a childhood friend, Cristóvão (Diogo Tavares) who carries a dark secret that only his mother (Sylvie Rocha) knows. Sexual tensions rise until the shocking secret is revealed but only after someone’s fate is sealed.

William Vitória (Writer/Director/Producer) lived a portion of his youth in Portugal where he spent much of his time by the sea.

For this film, William wanted to capture the breathtaking scenery of the coast juxtaposed by images inspired by his fascination for the macabre.

Mar also presented a unique opportunity for William to pull from his own experiences to inject some of his personality into each of his characters.


ABOUT Por detrás de Portas (Behind Doors)
In a small furtive Portuguese town lives Bênção (Ivone Fernandes-Jesus), an individual with miraculous strengths and abilities.

Known as The Living Saint, thousands from around the world have travelled in hopes of gaining divine spiritual awakening and healing.

Questioning ones own moral and purposeful significance, Bênção fights to continue on. Is she divine, are her abilities signs from the devil, or could this self-proclaimed ‘saint’ be a hoax?

William Vitória (Writer & Director of Por detrás de portas/Behind doors) heard about a town in North Portugal, where a woman was currently living as a self proclaimed ‘Living Saint’.

Curious and skeptical, Vitória wanted to know much more: What did this saint look like, What do people do when they visit her, What miracles have been performed, and What classifies her as a Saint?

Fascinated by this topic, Vitória desperately researched for answers and other individuals who may also hold holy or virtuous abilities. Having more questions than answers,

Vitória developed a film that would allow those to dive deeper into their own struggles, experiences, curiosity, and needs for healing.

The film was shot in the same region Vitória spend 14 years living, Concelho da Lourinhã, Portugal.

Datum/tid: tis 30 jul 14:00–15:00
Språk: Engelska
Typ/kategori: Film
Arrangör: William Vitoria
Plats: Pride House (B1+B2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98
Station/hållplats: Skanstull
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