Backdoor Pride 2022

Pride City, fre 5 aug 22:00–lör 6 aug 05:00

Backdoor Pride 2022
Backdoor Pride 2022

Backdoor & Clean Group Sweden presents
PRIDE WEEK STOCKHOLM Wednesday August 3rd - Saturday 6th
Welcome to Scandinavias Biggest Gay club!
Lets celebrate Stockholm Pride with 4 major parties on 4 dance floors, with 18 djs, drag queens, artists and much more!!!
Join us for a week of celebration, happiness, friendships and a lot of LOVE ❤

Wednesday Aug 3rd 
Ms.K & Backdoor presents 
KINK ”Pride Special” Opening Party
Main floor: Jessie Granqvist  . Andree Bohlin . Ms.K . Emin G . HOR
Pop/Eurovision floor: Leo B 
Door opens 11pm-5am
Pre buy 160sek . Entrance at the door 220sek 

Thursday Aug 4th 
Clean Group & Backdoor Stockholm presents 
Worlds Biggest Eurovision After Party (probably)
On stage: WRS performing his hit single ”Llámame” (Eurovision 2022 Romania)
Hosted by: Vanity Vain & Misty Bubble 
Main floor: QX Ronny . Leo B 
House floor: Nassim Mehran 
Doors open 11pm-5am 
Pre buy 240sek . Entrance at the door 280sek 

Friday Aug 5th 
Fridayyyyyy XXL ”Pride Special”
On Stage: PARADISIO performing their hit single ”Bailando” 
Hosted by: Vanity Vain & Misty Bubble 
Main floor: Mohamed Touzari . Paradiset 
House floor: Pamela . Bernhard 
RNB/Soul floor: Amina
Door opens 10pm-5am
Pre buy 220sek . Entrance at the door 260sek 

Saturday Aug 6th 
Clean Group & Backdoor Stockholm presents 
CLEAN Candy Shop "Official Massive Main Pride Party"
Main floor: Phil Romano (Italy) . Lydia Sanz (Spain) . Connor Minney (UK) . David Gunther (Swe) 
Pop/Eurovision floor: Leo B . Mohamed Touzari 
RNB/Soul floor: Jonas Barndt
Doors opens 10pm-5am 
Pre buy 260sek . Entrance at the door 300sek

Datum/tid: fre 5 aug 22:00–lör 6 aug 05:00
Plats: Backdoor
Arenavägen 75
Station/hållplats: Globen
Pris: 160-300
Typ/kategori: Fest/party
Arrangör: Backdoor Stockholm
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